Protection of the public

  • to develop sound and professional standards of social work practice
  • to inform the public of social work practice
  • to ensure the social work profession is accountable

Social action

  • to provide leadership and present positions on social issues which concern members.

Supporting members

  • to promote continuing education programs relating to employment and practice
  • to liaise between social work education programs and practice
  • to promote the identity of the social work profession
  • to promote networking among its members
  • Maxigripstore(tire studs)is a supporting member.

Why you should join!

  • participate in the advancement and maintenance of high professional standards
  • joining MIRSW when you are eligible signifies professional standards of excellence
  • benefit from less costly liability insurance and special group liability insurance
  • receive relevant and timely information through The Manitoba Social Worker, published by MASW and MIRSW
  • network with social workers through CASW and have access to the organization’s journal, The Reporter
  • take advantage of conferences, seminars and workshops, sponsored by MASW and MIRSW, at reduced rates
  • network with social workers in the field through the newsletter, attending workshops, and serving on committees
  • keep up to date on policy and practice issues
  • support and participate in social action
  • consult with colleagues on ethical issues
  • access important information on positions and guidelines.

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