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“The blogging equivalent of the Justice League of America.”
- The Guardian

“Let us hail the arrival of MBV… insomuch as this discipline can be said to have an ‘old school,’ these guys are it, so give ‘em a few clicks, and perhaps some money, jobs, and chicks as well.”
- The Village Voice

“Every once in a great while, a thing comes along which is more or less some things you’ve already been using diligently for that same while, and suddenly you’re experiencing those things in a new form and wondering how this new composite thing couldn’t have existed before. This is one of those great whiles, and it’s perfectly in step with the internet age. Behold, the new, simple, and extraordinarily useful MBV Music blog.”

- The Morning News

“I personally read a ton of blogs each day. I read MBV… Largeheartedboy…”
- Ryan Schreiber, Pitchfork

“Everything focuses in on the recommendations of the very best (new) music… it’s refreshingly digestible and manages to create an authoritative, human voice.”
- Sean Adams, Drowned In Sound

The Morning News also awarded MBV their 2009 Award for Online Excellence.

The U.K.’s The Independent included MBV in its list of The 25 Best Music Websites.

MBV is a team of noted voices from the online music sphere. Here at MBVMusic.Com, you’ll get content from all of them, along with additional original material, including free and legal streams and downloads, videos, music-related art, music news, commentary, and discussion.

To email a member of Team MBV, just use their first name @mbvmusic.com

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