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September 25th, 2009 1:18pm

When Bands Throw Food At You

I am very excited about seeing Phoenix perform tomorrow night in Central Park. I know most people are just really into the songs, and yeah, they’re great, but I mostly go to Phoenix gigs for the free bread. If you didn’t know, Phoenix is notorious for tossing baguettes out to the audience during the song “If I Ever Feel Better.” They used to have a baguette cannon, but I guess someone got hurt at a gig, and now they just toss them underhand to people in the first few rows. So you know, you’ve got to get up front if you’re hungry.

I love it when bands have an official food or beverage that they share with the audience during their concerts. I have personally experienced the following:

  • Animal Collective They spray the audience with a Kombucha hose during the lead-up to “Fireworks.”
  • Sufjan Stevens Has stagehands pass out tiny cups filled with samples of local beers and wines from whatever city he is playing that night.
  • Neko Case Fun-size packs of Goldfish crackers handed out to the people furthest from the stage.
  • Nine Inch Nails Concertgoers who purchased their tickets for the Wave Goodbye tour through NIN.com received a coupon for a free “Love It”-sized ice cream creation at Cold Stone Creamery at the merch booth.
  • Feist Pinkberry frozen yogurt gun, part of official endorsement deal.
  • Lykke Li Cream of mushroom soup.
  • The Smashing Pumpkins Pumpkin spice flavored fortune cookies, the “fortune” is a spiritual blessing or aphorism from Billy Corgan.
  • Sonic Youth Skittles.
  • Vampire Weekend Water balloons filled with gazpacho.
  • U2 Provisions dropped on the cheap seats from helicopters above the stadium.
  • Insane Clown Posse Faygo, duh.

What is the best food or beverage you’ve seen a band toss out/spray at their audience?

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  1. Ian Nelson says:

    ain’t seen it personally, but two words: tim & eric + papa johns

  2. Ryan Catbird says:

    Meatloaf: Meatloaf

  3. Dean says:

    dude remember the go-nuts? They would spray soda bags of chips and candy twizzlers everything. “Snack-core” I remember being a deeply candy-covered 13 year-old after their show in sf

  4. Ryan Catbird says:

    and Coconut Coolouts could throw coconuts

  5. 2fs says:

    Can’t remember which band…but someone or other fries bacon onstage regularly…

  6. Jonathan says:

    “The Cuban singer Antonio Machin performed that spring [1930] at the RKO Palace Theater, dressed in white street peddler’s garb and tossing bags of peanuts to the audience.”

    From Elijah Wald’s How The Beatles Destroyed Rock and Roll, Chapter 8

  7. Ryan Catbird says:

    Also I’ve heard that Lady Gaga throws *both* hot dogs AND donuts at the crowd.

  8. Evan says:

    Southern Culture on the Skids – spoonfuls of banana pudding doled out by women in big wigs during, what else?, “Banana Pudding”

    Kool Keith – sandwich bags containing hot wings and Capri Sun

  9. Bob1 says:

    Tonio K used to throw out tortillas like frisbees back in the day…

  10. Music Download » Distant Silhouette Somehow says:

    [...] which goes along with their general change of direction and emphasis. (Well, also, they stopped throwing baguettes into the crowd. Tough economy for everyone these days, I guess.) This was a fun set, and the audience was [...]

  11. Dan says:

    Girl Talk gave me a free bean burrito from taco bell–score!

  12. Vimmy says:

    I’m very surprised that Perpetua has seen ICP.

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