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August 28th, 2009 1:16am

Sub Pop’s Nike Blazer SB Elite QS

Sub Pop Nike Blazer SB Elite QS

Sub Pop Nike Blazer SB Elite QS
$150 at RMKstore.com.

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  1. SaY What: Oasis problems, Sub Pop shoe, Desktop music | Shock and Yawn Magazine says:

    [...] sellout. Well, that’s what some are going to say when the realize that Sub Pop now has a shoe made by Nike that cost $150. If Saul Williams can work with Nike and not be a sellout, I guess Sub Pop can, too. Figure it out [...]

  2. WEB CURIOSITY #11 - Nerds Attack! says:

    [...] Nike SB Blazer Elites. Edizione limitata griffata Sub Pop acquistabile via RMK Store al prezzo di 150 dollari. [guarda] [...]

  3. You Suck says:

    Not only does Nike make the ugliest shoes in the history of ugly shoes, they are crafted by means of CHILD slave labor. DOES ANYONE GIVE A FUCK?
    I’m disappointing and surprised by ‘Sub’ Pop and their ability to sink so low.

  4. Sub Pop = Child slave labor - kittyradio.com says:

    [...] [...]

  5. like a shit says:


  6. SNEAKERS SHOP says:

    This is a pair of very nice shoes

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